Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bar #3: The Living Room - Capitol Hill

After a so-so time at Still Liquor, we weren't exactly fired up to go to another bar. But The Living Room was on the way home, so we figured what the hell... let's knock down another one.

The Living Room is a small, two-floor bar. The lower floor has a tiny bar area, a few tables, a couch and a cozy chess nook. The upstairs was closed off for a private party.

I usually prefer sitting at the bar, so a place that only has four barstools isn’t much of a bar to me. Maybe that's where the whole “Living Room” thing comes in, but the effect isn’t quite convincing in the downstairs section. Evidently, there's a fireplace upstairs…so the private party prevented us from getting the full experience.

Drinkwise, there's a small, specialty cocktail menu similar to Still, four taps (Stella, Manny's Georgetown 9 lb. Porter and Elysian Immortal IPA) and not much in bottles or cans. One cool thing that caught my attention was the shot of Evan Williams and PBR for $5. If I'd acted like a professional drinker, I would've gotten that instead of spending $4 on a pint of the Immortal. There's also a limited food menu with small plates of nuts, olives, meat and cheese.

The crowd at The Living Room was alright. There were more hoodies than at Still, which means more hipsters. Nothing horrible about the place, but my feeling is, not my kind of crowd, not my kind of bar. I might bring someone in for a quiet drink, but I doubt I'll be back solo unless I walk by and feel the need for a quick $5 buzz.  


  1. You said, "but I doubt I'll be back solo." Maybe it is just me, but I'm not comfortable by going to a bar or restaurant alone. The reason for this isn’t so much that I’m nervous or uncomfortable, it’s more about boredom. Silly me, huh?!

  2. The living room looked simple, didn't it? I think it would be better that you were not going alone there. Did you regret to come there?