Monday, May 31, 2010

Bar #2: Still Liquor - Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill, the neighborhood I call home, has a crapload of bars but I only drink at a few. Thanks to EBIS, that's all going to change. My lady Francesca and I decided to start with a bar near Melrose Market called Still Liquor.

Still follows the blueprint of a lot of new bars in hip, gentrified areas: the interior is modern with a lot of wood and stone and pipes running along the ceiling. There are seats at the bar and booths along the outside of the room. Some say the interior reminds them of a sauna or Russian bathhouse. We speculated that Still may become kind of a meat market when it gets crowded, but it could just be a place where couples and small groups stop in for a drink and conversation.

The drinks are pretty standard--a small fancy cocktail menu, top shelf liquor, wine, two taps (Stella Artois and Big Al IPA) and 15 bottled beers (a bunch of macros plus Anchor Steam, Full Sail Session and Deschutes Black Butte Porter). I stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered a Dragon's Toe cocktail, made with Maker's Mark, muddled cucumber and fresh ginger. It was pretty tasty and a relative bargain at $7 (most of the cocktails ran $9-12). For my second drink, I had a Session Black, which you can get for the same price as a Bud. From what we could gather, Still Liquor doesn't serve food.

We were there on a Saturday at 8 pm and things were still pretty slow. The drinkers were more on the yuppie side than the usual dissheveled Capitol Hill hipsters. Sadly, the most exciting moment of the evening was when I reached to taste Francesca's drink as she reached for mine and her martini went splashing all over the bar. And I wasn't even drunk. The bartender was cool about it and gave her a new drink without charge.

I can't see coming back to Still on my own because I didn't feel completely comfortable there, but it's not a bad place to take someone for a couple drinks. My search for a new Capitol Hill go-to spot continues....


  1. Congrats on the new undertaking. I will be quite interested to see what you are able to uncover.

    Incidentally, I don't know a lot about Cap Hill bars, but I was curious if you had Sun Liquor on your list at all. I've been there once and it was kind of cool.

    Good luck on your bibulous escapades, sir.

  2. Sun Liquor is definitely on the list. Every place is on my list. Probably start with bars I've never been to, but I hope to make it to all of them. Been to Sun once awhile back and liked it alright.

  3. Love the new project. Can't wait to here about some of the dive bars you experience. Let me know when you hit the Baranof. I'll meet you down there.

  4. On second thought, does Baranof count? It's part of a restaurant I think, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen anyone eating in there.

  5. Gibson--Baranof definitely counts. I'm trying to start with places I've never been, though. Maybe you can meet me at Bleacher's.

  6. If I'm available, I will definitely meet you at Bleachers. For that matter, anytime you target a bar in Greenwood let me know and I'll try to stop by.